November-December 2023

  • Preparation of soil for spring planting in Islands continues.  To date we've completed weed removal, leveling of soil and cleanup along curbs.  We also applied Preen in the hopes of preventing weed seeds from growing.  
  • Planting is scheduled for May 2024 and design plans are still in the works.
  • It's important to maintain the current state of the islands-- meaning please do not add decorations or plants. 
  • We need a clean slate for successful planting!  Thank You


Did you know that eight Villas, two Condos and two Homeowners had roofs replaced in the last few years?  Given the fact that construction is at least twenty-five years old it's a given that HVAC replacements, roofing and other replacements would be necessary.  Thanks for your patience as such projects are carried out.