You've Been Asking...

And the Board unanimously agreed to provide lot numbers & addresses only of any and all unpaid Annual Dues


Lot 21 - 2141 St. Andrews Bluffs (condo) yr. 2024 (up for sale)

Lot 21 - 2143 St. Andrews Bluffs (condo) yr. 2024            ---->           ****PAID FEBRUARY 1, 2024, including late fee****

Lot 33 - 2016 Austin Bluffs Court (single-family) yrs. 2022, 2023, 2024

Attorney Abercrombie placed a lien on Lot 33, 2016 Austin Bluffs in 2023 for the previous two years annual dues/late fees, which will need to be updated to include 2024

Per the Declarations of Restrictions, after two months of nonpayment a lien shall be placed on the property that has not paid. The Board also has the right to file a claim in Small Claims Court to recover unpaid annual dues, interest, late fees and attorney fees, if an attorney is used to file the Small Claims case.

What's covered when a lien is placed on a property?

  1. Annual Dues
  2. Late Fees
  3. Interest
  4. Attorneys Fees
  5. Cost to file the lien with Lucas County